To all visitors to my web-sites.

At its inception in 1993, was one of the very first interactive web-sites on the internet dedicated
to serve the needs and wishes of a specific interest group.
It came about primarily as a result of my own dedication and enthusiasm for motorbikes in general, and - at the time -
for the Honda ST1100 in particular.

Years have come and passed, and so have a number of sites in my web-portfolio. The hours and resources I have spent on
supporting and operating these sites are countless, but it has been labour of love from my side; I have been genuinely
interested in each site`s topic - that has always been my reason for developing and running them.

Alas, all good things must come to and end it seems; not only does time change one's interests and preoccupations,
but worse (I think) are the changes to the whole internet community and its applied "code of conduct" (or rather: a lack of one).
It has become a dreary task to keep the sites running, which largely negates the reasons why I have been doing this in the first place.

I spend a lot of wasted time these days fending off spammers and all kinds of offensive intruders.
Attacks that run the whole gambit from just plain destructive hacking efforts to those giving me a hard time trying to
fulfil my obligations as a web-master and site editor. Unfortunately, the opportunity to have your say without having
to reveal who you are and thus face the consequences of one's abusive rants and ramblings, is more and more misused
by people who have totally misunderstood the purpose and intent of these sites. A forum for exchange of information,
know-how and opinions should not be confused with an arena for defamation and downright stupidity.

However, any effort to moderate or stop the worst behaviour by means of reasoning has proven futile.
But I will not continue to let that rob me of my time and motivation, so I have decided to pull the plug on all but
my most cherished projects at the moment. The site you have tried to visit when arriving here, is one of those that
now are shut down and have seized to function.

I would sincerely like to thank all of you who have shown genuine interest in my sites over the years, especially to
those of you who have contributed to their continued running and development.

Life moves on - and who knows; maybe will meet on the road again one day.
Until then: ride carefully - and think safety first, whenever you're out there.

Kind regards
STeinar Fremme

STOC #84

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